Eco Design

“alinghi” was designed by award-winning Australian architect James Grose of Bligh Voller Nield who is renowned for his environmentally sensitive design.

The basic philosophy behind the house was to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

The idea was to create a retreat, which allowed one to live this idyllic lifestyle surrounded by nature, without sacrificing style and comfort.

The estate is home to abundant native wildlife including wallabies, goannas, turtles, echidnas and a vast variety of birds.

The materials and colours used externally have been carefully chosen to “disappear” – they will fade to silver gray so that they disappear in the landscape over time, indistinguishable from the silvery barks of the trees. The exterior of the house has been clad in Arctic cedar which is a very hardy timber that fades with exposure to sunlight and requires very little if any maintenance.

The external lighting is all low–voltage so as not to cause distress to wildlife, particularly nesting turtles which breed at Rocky Point and the neighbouring beaches.

The house is completely self–sufficient for water and other services via rain water harvesting and tanks. The house is low energy generally – no air conditioning, and ceiling fans that are used only occasionally. The cross-ventilation and siting of the house as high as possible, means that it benefits from the cool breezes straight off the ocean. Louvered air-vents also increase air flow. There are different rooms/areas which allow shelter from the sun as it rises & sets. This allows you to move to different areas of the house which are cool or warm as the case may be, at different times of the day.